Sucker Punch Sally's to Host Bike Giveaway at the Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis as a way to Celebrate the Launch of Sucker Punch Original Octane and Sucker Punch Shine

ShinelogoSTURGIS, S.D. --June 18, 2008-- Sucker Punch Sally's (SPS) today announced it will launch two new products during Sturgis Bike Week 2008. The first is Sucker Punch Shine, which is a refined version of the traditional classic moonshine that still packs a punch at 120 proof. The second is Original Octane, a refreshing orange cream tasting energy drink. SPS has decided to celebrate this launch with a bike giveaway at the legendary Buffalo Chip this year in Sturgis.

Original Octane is the newest addition to SPS's expanding product line, and everything from its packaging to its classic orange cream flavor exudes SPS's old-school style that is meant to be mixed with the first of their alcoholic beverages, Sucker Punch Shine. And in true SPS fashion, the SPS crew did what they do best - built a Sucker Punch motorcycle in honor of their newest business venture. The motorcycle is Sucker Punch Sally's traditional with Original Octane/SPS Shine branding and is true to SPS's stripped-down, no-nonsense style.

octanelogo1"Building custom motorcycles and the deadlines we face leaves us no stranger to energy drinks." Said SPS President Christian Clayton. "After we took over the distillery and developed the SPS Shine we wanted a mixer, a great tasting energy drink was the answer. However, anyone who has tasted all the energy drinks out there knows "great tasting" and "energy drink" don't really go hand in hand. So we decided to formulate our own - and then we built a bike to go along with it."

Sturgis attendees can register for a chance to win the SPS custom from Aug. 4 to Aug. 7, 2008, at SPS's trailer, located at the infield at the Buffalo Chip. The SPS crew will also be handing out samples of Original Octane at their trailer throughout bike week. The Original Octane Motorcycle will be given away Thursday, Aug. 7 live onstage at the Buffalo Chip, and the winner must be present at the Buffalo Chip Friday, Aug. 8 to claim his or her prize.

"We're excited to help Sucker Punch Sally's launch its newest product," said Buffalo Chip owner Rod Woodruff. "Our mission at Buffalo Chip is to continue to provide bikers the best party anywhere, and the Sucker Punch launch and bike giveaway are definitely something to look forward to this year."

Original Octane will be available to the general public in August and can be purchased at www.spsbeverageco.com or at select retailers. Also in the works for SPS are a new clothing line and custom bike parts, including handlebars and sissy bars, infused with SPS's trademark old-school style. For more information on SPS and its product line, visit www.suckerpunchsallys.com. For more information on Buffalo Chip, visit www.buffalochip.com.

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