2009vrodNew V-ROD MUSCLE Has a Chiseled, Power-Cruiser Presence
Three Liquid-Cooled V-Rod Models on 240 mm Rear Rubber for 2009

MILWAUKEE (July 22, 2008) – With sculpted bodywork stretched taut over a powerful new physique, the 2009 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle rides its way onto the Power Cruiser scene with a broad-shouldered presence. Gaping air scoops, sweeping side-pipe exhaust and a huge rear tire spinning under a clean, clipped fender speak to a contemporary, urban sense of style and performance. The Muscle pushes the Harley-Davidson V-Rod platform into a new turf, where it aims to hold its ground.

VRSC Key Features
1250cc Revolution V-Twin: Standard on all 2009 VRSC models, the 60-degree Revolution 1250cc V-Twin is liquid-cooled and features Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), dual overhead cams, four-valve heads, and a five-speed transmission. The engine is rubber-mounted in a hydroformed steel perimeter frame. A shell covers the large-volume airbox located over the engine. A five-gallon fuel tank is located below the seat on all VRSC models. The engine is tuned to produce up to 125 hp at 8250 rpm and up to 85 ft-lbs. of torque at 7000 rpm.

Optional ABS: Each VRSC model is available with optional, factory-installed Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Designed to work in conjunction with high-performance Brembo triple-disc brakes, this is the most advanced braking system offered on any power cruiser. ABS is designed to help the rider maintain control during braking events, especially those that happen in less-than-optimal conditions. The components of the Harley-Davidson ABS have been designed and packaged to be virtually invisible, preserving the uncluttered styling of the area around the wheels. Unlike many motorcycle ABS, Harley-Davidson ABS is not a linked system, meaning the rider maintains full, independent control of both front and rear brakes.

New V-Rod Muscle
The wide, angular air-box cover and chopped tail section look as solid and smooth as billet and give the new V-Rod Muscle lines that are clean and powerful. The size of the massive 240 mm rear tire is accentuated by the new broad, clipped and clean rear fender. The combination stop/tail/turn LED light is tucked under the edge of the rear fender, and the side-mount license plate leaves the fender surface smooth and uncluttered. Front-end styling balances the rear, with a trimmed fender that’s blacked out behind satin-finished inverted forks and LED turn signals integrated into the mirror stems. The radiator shrouds are restyled and color-matched to the rest of the bodywork, while the new airbox side covers incorporate air scoop inlets covered with woven wire mesh. The silver five-spoke cast aluminum front and rear wheels are a new design for the V-Rod line.

A new deep seat holds the rider firmly in place against the thrust of the Revolution V-Twin engine. The Muscle features forward foot controls, and a new handlebar with internal wiring. The handlebar is 1.5-inch cast aluminum with tubular steel ends and integrated risers. Bold polished forged aluminum triple clamps secure the inverted forks and frame the distinctive V-Rod teardrop reflector optic headlamp, housed in a satin black bucket.

The long profile of a 34-degree fork rake is stretched visually by new “sidepipe” dual exhausts in satin chrome with fat, turn-out mufflers exiting behind the rear axle. The V-Rod Muscle is available in Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, Dark Blue Denim and Red Hot Sunglo.

New VRSCF V-Rod Muscle features:
a Liquid-cooled, 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine
a 122 hp at 8250 rpm/85 ft. lbs. torque at 7000 rpm
a Pewter powdercoated powertrain with polished covers
a Assist/Slipper Clutch with reduced lever effort
a New clutch cover with relocated dipstick
a New Satin chrome dual side exhaust with turn-out mufflers
a New Five-spoke cast aluminum 19-inch front wheel
a New Five-spoke cast aluminum 18-inch rear wheel
a New Triple clamps
a New 43 mm Inverted forks
a New stylized rear shocks with black springs
a New airbox cover and side covers
a New front fender with black-out section
a New smooth rear fender
a New LED stop/tail/turn light
a New LED front turn signals integrated in mirror stems
a New seat shape
a New Internally wired handlebar cast with riser
a New instrument graphics and housing
a New side-mount license plate
a Black frame
a 240mm wide rear tire
a Forward foot controls
a Brembo triple-disc brakes
a Teardrop reflector-optic headlight
a 25.6-inch seat height
a Optional ABS
a Optional Smart Security System
The evolution of the original Harley-Davidson power cruiser continues in 2009. The V-Rod rolls on a fat 240 mm rear tire. The sweeping exhaust ends in bright chrome slash-cut mufflers. A scooped seat cradles the rider just 26 inches off the pavement. Welded pull-back handlebar frame the clamshell instrument pod and teardrop reflector optic headlamp. Raked out to 36 degrees, 49 mm forks hold an anodized aluminum Profile laced front wheel. The V-Rod is available in six production color combinations, including new Red Hot Sunglo, Flame Blue Pearl, Vivid Black/Pewter Pearl, Flame Blue Pearl/Pewter Pearl and three new Custom Color combinations: Black Ice/Blue Ice, Light Candy Root Beer/Dark Candy Root Beer, and Big Purple Flake/Brilliant Silver.

VRSCAW V-Rod features:
a Liquid-cooled, 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine
a 121 hp at 8000 rpm/84 ft. lbs. torque at 7000 rpm
a Two-tone silver and pewter powder-coated cylinders with chrome covers
a Assist/Slipper clutch with reduced lever effort
a Brembo triple-disc brakes
a Brushed aluminum Profile Laced 19-inch front wheel
a Machined Slotted Disc Cast Aluminum 18-inch rear wheel
a Chrome Slash-cut Dual exhaust pipes
a 240 mm wide rear tire
a Forward controls
a Black hand controls
a Silver-leafed frame with clear coat
a Welded pull back handlebars
a Teardrop reflector-optic headlight
a Five-gallon fuel tank
a 26-inch seat height
a Optional ABS
a Optional Smart Security System
VRSCDX Night Rod Special
An all-black Revolution V-Twin engine, fork legs, swing arm and other blacked-out components give the VRSCDX Night Rod Special a raw, street-tough attitude. A nacelle surrounds a round reflector-optic headlight. The brushed aluminum Straight-shot Dual mufflers have black end caps and exhaust shields. Drag bars and forward foot controls put the rider in a stretched-out posture. A contrasting racing stripe paint scheme traces the length of the bike. Black Slotted cast aluminum wheels have a fine orange stripe on the rim. A seat height of just 25.2-inches is the lowest or any VRSC model. Available in Black Denim with a Vivid Black stripe, in Vivid Black with a Pewter Pearl stripe, or in Vivid Black with a Mirage Orange Pearl stripe.

VRSCDX Night Rod Special features:
a Liquid-cooled, 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine
a 125 hp at 8250 rpm/85 ft. lbs. torque at 7000 rpm
a Assist/Slipper Clutch with reduced lever effort
a Black powder-coated engine with highlighted fins and black covers
a Brushed Straight-shot Dual exhaust with black end caps and covers
a Brembo triple-disc brakes
a 240 mm wide rear tire
a Forward controls
a Blacked-out mirrors, rear shocks and controls
a Black steel frame
a Drag-style handlebar
a Round reflector-optic headlight
a Color-matched headlight nacelle
a Black Machined Slotted Disc Cast Aluminum wheels with orange pin striping
a Contrasting racing stripe paint scheme
a 25.2-inch seat height
a Optional ABS
a Optional Smart Security System

thumb-harley-davidsonHarley-Davidson Motor Company, the only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer, produces heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson's Web site at

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