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W8Lessrotors Exceeds DOT Standards for its Composite Brake Rotors

Approval Enables Delivery of Product to Consumers and Motorcycle Manufacturers World Wide

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Dealer Expo, February 15, 2008

W8lessrotors, a manufacturer of composite rotors and brake pads for the motorcycle industry, today announced that the products have exceeded all Department of Transportations (DOT) testing. W8lessrotors is now shipping the product to riders nationwide and continuing conversations with motorcycle manufacturers to be included as original equipment (OEM).

“This DOT certification allows us to ship the product to customers world wide, said Raymond Wheeler, director of sales and marketing. “In addition, many manufactures can now offer the W8lessrotors on its motorcycles as original equipment drastically improving the braking and handling of their bikes.”

Though there is no requirement to have DOT approval and certification on aftermarket products, W8lessrotors felt it was necessary to prove that its products were safe. Now dealers and consumers can rest assured that these products will be a perfect fit for their motorcycles. 

All DOT standards must be passed before a new production vehicle can be certified as road worthy. Now that W8lessrotor has exceeded the DOT standards, they will be able to continue conversations with high profiled motorcycle manufactures and be considered for inclusion on production vehicle lines as original equipment.

In conducting the “effective test”, we found that our single rotors are essentially the same effectiveness as a double rotor system,” said John Arbeeny, president of W8lessrotors. Bikes using our rotors stopped in half of the distance of standard rotors.”

The W8lessrotor, being made of a patent-pending composite material, is upwards of 60% lighter than a cast iron or stainless rotor. The reduction of weight allows for increased acceleration, better handling at high speeds and a drastically reduced breaking distance. In addition to the added safety, the W8lessrotor will not rust, warp or squeal unlike other rotors on the market. When used with the proprietary brake pads, riders will also see a noticeable increase in the life of their brake pads, providing an immediate return on the riders’ investment.

All of W8lessrotors rotors and brake pads are made in the US and are available with a polished full-floating carrier or anodized for a more custom look.

About W8lessrotors
W8lessrotors is a manufacturer of high performance composite rotors and brake pads for motorcycles. Its patent-pending technology reduces the overall weight of the rotor by upwards of 60% over conventional rotors and pad. W8lessrotors have undergone rigorous testing and are DOT compliant. With such a drastic reduction in weight, W8lessrotors offer better steering at high speeds, provide better handling on rough roads and reduce stopping distances by half. Unlike other rotors on the market, W8lessrotors will not squeak, rust and are warp resistant even under harsh racing conditions. Top this all with custom anodized finishes for a custom look and you have the best of all worlds! For more information on W8lessrotors cutting edge products, contact them at www.w8lessrotors.com or call them at 831-594-7783.

Media Contacts: Mark Stewart, Outlaw Communications
Phone: 408-234-1768
Email: mark@outlawcommunications.com

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