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July 3 - 6, 2009   Tulelake, CA

Seth Doulton, Promoter of Hollister Independence Day Rally, Endorses Shasta Salute to America as Rally To Replace Hollister

BikerHotline is honored to be allowed to let our readers hear first about this powerful endorsement.  Shasta Salute to America promoters Jeff and Debbie sent us Seth’s own letter of endorsement stating exactly why he feels this rally has the most potential on the West Coast now that the Hollister rally hit too many organizational obstacles.  Read on, and most importantly, Mark Your Calendars!!!!

     “Horse Power Promotions has been in business for over 25 years.  We have produced shows from coast to coast.  Rodeos, Car Shows, Truck Shows and Motorcycle Shows - just to name a few.  When we took on the job 3 years ago of bringing back Hollister we knew we had a big job ahead of us.  We just never dreamed that the City would not realize the financial benefit of the Rally. 

     Since August last year bikers and vendors alike have been telling me forget Hollister!!  They don’t want our money…we don’t want to give them a dime.  With that said I have been looking for a new place to focus my summer event energy on.   You folks said build it and we will come………..Well here it is.

     Horse Power has found a great new location and a magnificent riding area that really has opened up its county for bikers.  Everything that was wrong with Hollister is great with Tulelake.  I went to the organizers of the Shasta Salute to America Motorcycle Rally because I felt that out of all the rallies here on the west coast this one really has the potential to be the next big one.  I talked to Jeff and Debbie, promoters of the show, and told them that we were all looking for a run on 4th of July and if they would consider moving their dates from Labor Day weekend to the 4th of July weekend that I would do everything I could to move the vendors and bikers north to them.

     The dates have been moved and let me tell you that the stress that Hollister had as a show doesn’t exist in Tulelake and it is 180 degrees better all the way around.  To start more bikers than cops; do I have to tell you more?  Camping - beautiful camping is right at the rally venue.  Vendors can park their trailer or camper free within walking distance from their vendor space.  Plus the space does not cost you a leg and a knife.  Oh yeah…no DOJ doing strip searches every 20 feet.

     So mark your calendar for the “2nd Annual Shasta Salute to America Motorcycle Rally” that puts a portion of their net proceeds to helping the troops - meaning our American military - instead of paying troops of law enforcement to come to a bike event.

     The fun begins at 8:00am Friday, July 3rd, 4th, 5th & runs ‘til 11:00am Monday, July 6th at the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fairgrounds, 800 S Main St, Tulelake California 96134.  Go to  or call toll free 87-SOUTHBAY for more info on this great motorcycle rally.”    Seth Doulton

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