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vintagetorquefestflyer350Antique Archaeology will bring
Von Dutch XAVW Motorcycle
to Torque Fest!

Mike Wolfe of Antique Archaeology has agreed to show the XAVW.

This is a creation that could only come from the visionary - Von Dutch. In 1966 Von Dutch got the idea to throw together a truly rare motorcycle, the XA Harley Davidson (Experimental Army) and a 36 hp VW motor. The result is a one-off piece of history that was thought to be lost to the ages.

After tearing the bike down, Von Dutch sold or traded (depends on who you ask) the XAVW to Ed Big Daddy Roth. The bike was then traded/sold on down the line until recently when Mike Wolfe was given a hint about the current location. After following up on the lead and confirming that this was the real Von Dutch bike from the late 60s', Antique Archaeology purchased the machine from a private owner once the pink slip was shown to still have Ed Roth's name still on it!

Vintage Torque Fest is excited to be able to have such a rare and unique piece on display at the show May 4/5, 2012. This museum quality piece will be on display inside the main hall with the other historic hot rods, kustoms, and cycles. Considering how few items still exist with a verifiable Von Dutch pedigree, this is truly a museum quality piece.

History on display is what you get at Torque Fest, and thanks to Antique Archaeology there will be another cool ride to check out!

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