AMA Seeks End to Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints


We’ve all been there - carving a path up or down a canyon on a perfect day when the joy of the ride is halted in the middle by a police checkpoint.  You shrug because it’s kind of the cost of doing business, and besides, you’re hoping that the BMW that flew by you and your fellow riders will get a stern talking to at the very least.  But when you get there, you realize that the cop has completely ignored the car that nearly sent several of you off the road. The checkpoint is there exclusively to target motorcyclists. You feel targeted, angry, without recourse.

The AMA also feels that the practice is discriminatory, and has recently launched a petition drive to end the discriminatory practice.  With the first appearance of these checkpoints in 2007, the AMA began tracking the stops and the money being spent on them.  In part, it’s the use of these funds that the AMA finds problematic. They don’t see it as encouraging safe riding, adding to rider education, or improving safety effectively for others on the road.

"This money could have paid the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course fee for 10,000 potential motorcyclists," said Wayne Allard, AMA vice president for government affairs. "That money could have been used to combat distracted driving or been invested - as federal matching dollars - in the current comprehensive study to analyze the root causes of motorcycle crashes."

The AMA is calling on everyone to support legislation - such as the Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act (S. 2078 and H.R. 1861) now under consideration in Congress -- and to sign the AMA petition.

The petition provides an opportunity for motorcyclists and others to tell Washington what they think about these discriminatory, costly and ineffective motorcycle-only checkpoints.

Visit this website to add your voice to the effort to end discrimination against motorcyclists:






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