A Signature (Laden) Fatboy


Words and Photos: David Owens

2014-01-03 22.22.20

This Fatboy Lo was donated to The Independence Fund by Lowcountry Harley-Davidson of Charleston, SC. The Independence Fund  is a grassroots organization that provides assistance to wounded  veterans. It is an all-volunteer nonprofit whose Board of Directors is  made up entirely of combat veterans. Ninety-nine percent of donations go toward items that make daily life a little easier such as all-terrain  wheelchairs for amputees, home wheelchair ramps, and bonding retreats.

What makes this bike unique is that the tins were signed by all 100 active  US Senators. It's good to see they can all agree on at least one thing.

During a recent online auction, the winning bid was $300,000. The winner  quickly donated the bike back to the fund and now it's being auctioned  off again. If you want to place a bid, go here.


2014-01-03 22.22.43
2014-01-03 22.22.56



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