Ride Hard:Clean Easy


Words : John Gunnell

So how do you keep your bike looking good, but still get in all the riding time you can? Joe Coviello, a lifelong motorcyclist, couldn't find a quick-clean product, so in 1992 he invented his own by teaming up with Blue Coral®, the world's largest car wax and polish maker. To create Bike Brite®.

Coviello sold wax from a trailer he pulled to shows. He set up at Daytona, Sturgis, Myrtle Beach, Laconia, Americade, Laughlin, the Easyrider Rodeo's, the J & P Cycle events, and others and spent 30 weeks a year on the road .By 1996, the business had grown so large that Joe had to hire a crew to take charge of the rally schedule so he could focus on day-to-day operations. Then Blue Coral® announced it was being sold. Joe and a group of investors purchased the Bike Brite® division and four product formulations from Blue Coral®. He moved operations to suburban Cleveland, Ohio, and kept working towards his dream.

Today, Bike Brite® makes more than 22 different products, It is is sold by five major distributors, plus an estimated 12,000 dealers and bike shops and 12 major online retailers. "I'll never forget where it all started," says Joe. "Talking to riders at bike rallies helped me develop the products they needed and wanted."

Still an avid biker, Coviello says, “We spend a lot of money on R & D before a product is placed in the market. We have developed some really unusual formulas that are not ‘me too’ products. They are strictly formulated for motorcycles and for particular tasks for cleaning and protecting a motorcycle.”

The flagship of the Bike Brite® product line is it Motorcycle Spray Wash. It washes, cleans and degreases a bike from headlight to taillight! Specially formulated for motorcycles and motorbikes, It is biodegradable, non-acid, pH controlled and contains corrosion inhibitors. Special brighteners help keep rust and grease from forming. The idea is to just spray it on and hose it off.


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