Badger Derby Riders To Tour Wisconsin’s North Woods


Words: John Gunnell

Close to 100 antique motorcycles are now signed up for The Badger Derby-Wisconsin’s “Tour of the Woods”-in August. This historic ride will begin on Aug. 15, 2014 at State Fair Park in Milwaukee and will end at 5 pm that day in Waupaca, Wis., in north cemtral Wisconsin.

The Badger Heritage Motorcycle Club (AMCA Chapter 27) is promoting the event, which is a 80th Anniversary re-creation of the 1934 Badger Derby, which followed the same general route. Participation in the run is limited to Badger Heritage members, but the bikes will be on public display during the run and the stop at the Town Square in Waupaca.

Ron Brefka is chair of the planning committee and helped design the activities and events, as well as commemorative posters and other materials. The idea for the run originated when a member discovered his father’s memorabilia from the original 1934 Badger Derby Endurance Run. Ron Brefka told Biker Hotline, “We'll have nearly 100 antique bikes as old as 1919 on our Historic Ride.”

The accompanying photos show bikes owned by Badger Heritage Motorcycle Club members at the 2014 Emma Davidson Ride, which was presented by Jon Davidson Oeflein at Old Falls Village. Jon Davidson Oeflein is the vice president of the Badger Heritage chapter and many of these bikes will also be taking part in the Historic Ride to Wisconsin’s north woods in August.

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