Confederate Launches 2015 Hellcat X132 Speedster


Photos: Confederate Motors

X132 Hellcat Speedster 2 - Front Right Quarter

Nothing looks like a Hellcat. To be fair, Confederate Motorcycles has sort of cornered the market on creating bikes that look like nothing else on earth, and that exhibit an undeniable pull on the motorcycle lover. The aesthetic, the sleek savagery of the angles, the lines, the visual noise of it does something that very few other bikes have been able to do - unite the sport bike and street bike crowds in collective awe.

The recently released 2015 X132 Hellcat Speedster is no exception.  The V-Twin powered streetfighter is based on Confederate’s original X132 Hellcat  and remains named after the F6F Hellcat fighter plane from WWII.  The bike has been redesigned since the previous two generations of drag race-inspired bodies, revamped and reimagined by none other than legendary designer Pierre Treblanche himself. His influence shows through in the elegant angles, the spaces, and the checked aggression that makes the bike look alive.

It has a billet aluminum case, machined from two blocks of billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. It’s handmade, with a carbon fiber tank, wheels and fenders. Dual Beringer 4-piston machined monobloc aerotec radial calipers and Beringer rotors on the front, and a single Beringer caliper and Brember rotor on the back make stopping as effective as launching.    It has aggressive styling and power, running 121 bhp with 140 ft/lbs of torque and 2136 ci of displacement through a 5-Speed Drag Racing transmission.

The Hellcat X132 Speedster is a similar bike to the Combat, which ran at Bonneville a few years ago as a prototype. It ran 172.211 mph - powerfully fast for a V-Twin. (See the video below).

The new Confederate is hella cool. That’s undeniable. But it’s also going to be rare. At $65,000 a pop, with a $10,000 deposit required, this isn’t a commuter bike but a prized possession. And with only 65 of them scheduled to be built, its even rarer still.



X132 Hellcat Speedster 1 - Right Profile

X132 Hellcat Speedster 3 - Front

X132 Hellcat Speedster 4 - Front Left Quarter

X132 Hellcat Speedster 5 - Left Profile

X132 Hellcat Speedster 6 - Rear Left Quarter

X132 Hellcat Speedster 7 - Rear

X132 Hellcat Speedster 8 - Rear Right Quarter



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