MV Agusta Loses Licenses to Sell Motorcycles in California


Paperwork is a bitch. Just ask MV Agusta. The legendary Italian bike manufacturer announced early in May that they had lost their license to sell motorcycles in the state of California.  This largely effects sales of new models, not used ones, but if you live in Cali and want a 2014 MV Agusta, you’re out of luck. For now.

Apparently, the cause is a lack of adequate paperwork.  The company left out a few of the necessary pages required to renew the license to sell bikes in the Golden State.

According to Rob Keith, Managing Director for MV Agusta USA, the trouble is “a paperwork issue we are resolving as we speak. Nothing sinister or having anything to do with our bikes. Strictly paperwork.” (Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for all of us curious souls and getting that quote!)

Odds are that the issue will be resolved quickly, and we’ll keep you up to date. But it is a great reminder - don’t mess up your paperwork with the great state of California!  (As CA residents, this is a lesson we all know very, very well!)






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