Sturgis Announces PowerSports Complex


Sturgis keeps expanding to entertain all motorsports enthusiasts, and that’s best showcased by the announcement that they have created the Buffalo Chip PowerSports Complex for this year’s rally.

Sitting on a hillside just north of the Wolfman Jack amphitheater, this mind-blowing new motorsports venue will thrill you with its incredible spectator viewing, while challenging racers with a one-of-a-kind track filled with staggering elevation changes and obstacles.

Witness the nation’s top motorsport athletes competing for the title on some of the world’s most unusual and impressive machines including 900-horsepower race trucks, nitro-injected Harleys with steel-bolted paddle tires, and 7,000-horsepower tractors equipped with jet engines!

Check out this video from the TORC Off-Road Championship which will be happening during event, amongst other high-octane, adrenaline-filled thrills.





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