Should You Ever Lay Down Your Bike to Avoid a Crash?



Is it ever a good idea to lay down your bike in order to avoid a potentially fatal crash? (no affiliation with the actual DMV) doesn’t think so.

There are plenty of stories where someone laid down their bike to avoid an even bigger crash, but this usually results in broken bones, head injuries and a totaled motorcycle. Today’s motorcycles come with much better technology and are able to stop better than ever, so the idea of sacrificing your bike is actually out-dated.


“When faced with a potentially dangerous situation, it's generally best to remain upright on your bike. Remember, tire rubber has an immense amount of traction. However, plastic, steel, and chrome (the materials found on the side of the bike) offer almost no traction. When you stay on your motorcycle instead of letting it slide, you'll be better able to stop in time or swerve out of the way. The only possible time where it might be a better idea to purposely end up on the ground is when it's better than the alternative, like going over a guardrail down a cliff or into the middle of a ten-car pile-up. Once you lay down a bike, you have absolutely no control over where you will end up.”

Do you agree with’s recommendation?



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