The 13 Best Bike Modifications



Since the dawn of time, men have been customizing their toys. When Grok finally began making spears for his fellow cave people, I guarantee it only too Og a week before he tied a big feather to his and added on an aftermarket shaft. After all, if everybody was throwing the same spear, how were the cave women supposed to know whose spear to be impressed with? Modifying just made sense.

Thousands of years later, modification and customization are still in our blood. Changing things for the better, or at least to be different, is just what we do. Men and women alike can’t get anything for very long before they start fiddling with things to make whatever they got a little bit better than stock. We fiddled with the British monarchy and came up with American Democracy. Henry Ford fiddled with the assembly line and came up with the moving assembly line. Carol Shelby fiddled with the British roadster and came up with the AC Cobra. Modification just makes things better.

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