Vintage T/F Motorcycle Display at St. Johns

Story and photos by John Gunnell

Founded in 1955, the Forney Museum of Transportation (  is a Denver, Colo.-based collection of over 500 transportation history items. The museum started with antique cars, but has since expanded to include wagons, carriages, motorcycles, bicycles, trains and aircraft. In addition, the Forney features the Timme Vintage Motorcycle Collection.

According to a 2010 Old Cars Weekly article, the Timme Vintage Motorcycle Collection was first installed in the museum as a temporary, rotating display that was originally scheduled to be on view through September 2010.  Rising interest in collectible vintage motorcycles dictated a longer run.

The collection includes about 20 Indians, plus Harley-Davidsons and Hondas, as well as obscure models that many people never heard like a 1932 Fornax 1000, a 1959 Cushman Eagle and a 1948 Softicycle. Walter Timme founded Timme Motor Sales in 1938. The Pueblo business is Colorado’s oldest motorcycle shops and one of the earliest Honda franchises in the United States.

Some of the Indians in the Timme Collection include a 1928 “101” Scout, a 1931 Standard Scout (smaller Scout engine in a larger Indian Chief frame), an all-original 1949 Indian 249, a 1952 Brave with just eight original miles and a bevy of others, Most of the early Indians are finished in the company’s once-traditional deep red color. On special display with a mannequin is a 1925 Harley-Davidson J, a model that modernized the Milwaukee company’s product line.

Other antique motorcycles that have been donated to the museum include a four-cylinder powered 1918 Excelsior-Henderson Big X model and a three-wheeled 1921 Ner-A-Car similar to one that “Canonball Baker” drove from Los Angeles to New York City in 1922. He averaged 20 mph and 81 mpg.

As one might expect, the Timme Collection also incorporates a number of Hondas including a 305 Dream, a 1963 CA95E Baby Dream, a 1965 CA77 and a 1965 CB160. The bikes are on loan to the Forney Museum courtesy of the Timme Family Foundation and Timme Motor Sales, Inc., in Pueblo

Here’s a look at some of the fabulous bikes from the Timme Collection that the Forney Museum of Transportation is housing.

Forney Bike Photo 01

Forney Bike Photo 02

Forney Bike Photo 03

Forney Bike Photo 04

Forney Bike Photo 05

Forney Bike Photo 06

Forney Bike Photo 07

Forney Bike Photo 08

Forney Bike Photo 09

Forney Bike Photo 10



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