Psychotic Air Owner Says Business is Crazy

By John Gunnell

“It’s a tough economy out there and people don’t have a lot of disposable income these days, but they will spend what they can scratch up on their bike,” airbrush artist Mark Daniels told Biker Hotline. His Psychotic Air ( custom paint and airbrushing booth near the entrance to Chicago’s Progressive International Motorcycle Show was packed with his work.

“We are doing a crazy amount of volume right now,” said Daniels. “The dozen or so custom finished tanks on the neon outlined shelves behind him backed up his claim. “We do a lot of motorcycle tanks and the market for them is strong, but we also do the bikes themselves-as well as office murals, golf clubs, golf cars, refrigerator magnets and mix masters. I think one of the weirdest things I was hired to do was the headboard for a kid’s bed with the Power Rangers on it.

Daniels got started when he was 15 years old and his neighbor, who was an auto body repairman, let jhim hang around the shop and then gave him a job. He never had formal training back then, though he later attened the Airbrush Getaways put on by Airbrush Action magazine. “In the beginning it was a lot of failures, a lot of practice and a lot of late nights in the garage,” Daniels said. “But now I’ve been painting for 25 years and I even did demos at the 2012 SEMA Show for Aluma Lights. You just practice and practice and keep on going.”

According to Daniels, a motorcycle tank takes about two days to apply a custom airbrush design to, clearcoat and polish out. “Tanks run about $800 for artwork on both sides and cleared,” he explained. “I can go on from that point for as long as I’m allowed, but that’s the normal time range and price range.”

BHL16 Psychotic Air 01

Mark Daniels promotes his airbrush art with a neat exhibit booth.

BHL16 Psychotic Air P-Air 02

Daniels flamed up this trike.

BHL16 Psychotic Air P-Air 03

A tank takes two days to do.

BHL16 Psychotic Air P-Air 04

Tank art is around $800 for two-sided art, clearcoated and polished.




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