Motorcycle Rodeo Ropes in More Bikers Than Ever

Story and photos by John Gunnell

The 12th annual Motorcycle Rodeo & Silly Human Tricks event that Region 2F of Wisconsin ABATE puts on during Memorial Day weekend was bigger than ever this year. The May 24 event at Bean City Bar & Restaurant in New London, Wis.  Was a near sellout on brats and burgers and required a run to the nearby bar to restock the coolers with liquide refreshments.

Dozens of skilled riders (and a few fast learners) showed off their riding talents by participating in  stunts such as Drop-the-Tennis-Ball-on-the-Orange-Highway-Cone, Bite-the-Hanging-Weiner and Pin-the-Rag-on-the-Clothesline. The Slow Races started the trick riding off. Trying to arrive at the end of the slanting PVC pipe just as the tennis ball dropped out the bottom was tricky, too.

You get the picture-and some pictures from this year’s rodeo tell the story. For information about next year’s Rodeo contact Randy Diem at (920) 982-4662.


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