3-D Harley Sign May Be Rare
110th Collectible

Words and Photos: John Gunnell

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Jim Schuh and Penny Pankeonin were at a swap meet selling tools, car parts and bike parts, but the most valuable thing in their stall may have been a unique sign that Miller Brewing Company created as a promotional item in 2013-the year of Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary.

Schuh is a Harley owner who attended the 110th Anniversary party in Milwaukee, but that’s not where he came across the sign that depicts four ready-for-the-road Harley riders in front of a landmark building in Milwaukee. A three-dimensional affect is achieved because the images of the riders nearest the viewer are raised off the flat sign.

Schuh says he never saw this sign when he went to the anniversary. Instead, he came across it while he was working at a Wal Mart store in Harvard, Ill.  “It was there as you walked into the entrance of the store,” he recalled. “There were Miller beer cases stacked upon Miller beer cases and the sign was right there. The minute they put it up, I let it be known that I wanted it when the display came down.”

Pankonin helped Schuh by keeping the large sign for him until he could pick it up with his truck. One man he worked with also helped him by being there when the beer display and the sign came down. “I was off that day,” he explained. “But, I got lucky because he was on the schedule, so he made sure that he got the sign for me and he put it aside.”

The sign appears to be somewhat unique, because it was not meant as a 110th Anniversary souvenir. A search of about 200 Miller Brewing Co. Collectibles on eBay showed up no examples of this sign or anything like it. Schuh said he’s never seen another one.

Schuh, a retired auto body man, owns a 1997 Harley FLH-TCUI, which is an Ultra Classic with fuel injection. He recently retired and has been selling his body tools, car parts and bike parts. ”I’ve got so much stuff, it’s time to get rid of the sign,” said the 45-year veteran of dents and dings. “I guess I’d take $50 for the sign. It’s definitely a neat piece and this is the first time I tried selling it.”



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