Check Your Helmet Month from
Harley Davidson


Our friends over at have a few great reminders from Harley-Davidson on how to check your gear as you prep to get back on the back this spring.

They kick it off by offering up some advice on checking to make sure your helmet is up to snuff. For those of you who think that 15 year old helmet is still going to keep your noggin safe in the event of an accident, think again.  First of all, technology advances every year and while most of us can’t afford to buy a new helmet every year, purchasing the latest in DOT/Snell approved helmet tech when you can is a good idea.

Beyond that, padding softens and disintegrates, UV rays breakdown the protective qualities, and if you have banged your head in the past, that helmet’s pretty much toast in terms of hard-core protection.


A few pointers:

  • Replace helmets every 3-5 years
  • Make sure it still fits appropriately (tight, but not painful)
  • Full face is better than half face

To read the full article and see some of the latest in H-Ds new helmet lineup, click over to here:




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