Doc Hopkins Annual Ride

Words and Photos: John Gunnell

BHL65 Docs Photo 01

It was just what the Doc ordered—218 riders for a motorcycle road trip and several classic cars to make things more fun. Doc is Doc Hopkins of Doc’s Harley-Davidson in Shawano, Wis., and his annual ride was scheduled for Saturday May 9.

Doc’s Harley dealership is a trip in itself. In addition to selling bikes and gear, he offers such amusement park style attractions as an exotic animal zoo with giant tortises and camels and birds (and a gator or two), a pirate ship, an eatery called The Timeline Saloon (named after Doc’s famous Timeline bike with six Harley engines from different eras) and a custard stand called, well, Custard’s Last Stand. What other Harley store has a cop car and General Lee on it’s roof?

Back to the ride. The blessing was done by Pastor Brent. There were also private one-on-one blessings offered by the Christian Motorcycle Club as well. Then the 218 riders hit the long dusty trail and went about 60 or so miles.

According to Doc’s daughter Kersten, the ride was a success with just under $5,000 being raised for the Shawano County Humane Society.  That’s a charity that’s a natural for Doc Hopkins, too. After all, he does have his own zoo.


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