Harley-Davidson Celebrates The Blank Canvas 


Custom has been king for quite some time in the new Harley-Davidson universe, from models that differ just so slightly to let you choose the bike that’s best to you to the Dark Custom packages and Project Rushmore campaigns.  Making your Hog your own has, in fact, been part of the Harley-riding tradition for as long as the marque has been an icon.

Now, the Motor Company wants to see what YOU are doing with your bike, what statement you’re making through paint, styling, engine mods and chopping, bobbing, stripping and adding on.

This translates into a contest sponsored by Harley-Davidson, a challenge thrown out to dealers to do their best, do their worst, but share it all as they transform a stripped, stock Street 750 into a work of art.

Harley will be following these builds throughout the country via Instagram, and so can you.

Check them out here: Harley-Davidson Instagram or follow them through the hashtag #HDCustomKings.







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