Take it To The Limit Art Exhibit

Words and Photos: Howie Zechner


We here in Southern California are blessed.  Good weather, clean beaches, nice people and an abundance of really cool motorcycling events. Filmmaker Peter Starr brought all these elements together in his three day “Take It To The Limit Art Exhibit” that was held at the Forest & Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach.

Located two blocks from the Pacific Ocean an early arrival allowed for some time to play in the sand and enjoy a gorgeous sunny afternoon before the 6pm by invitation only premier opening.  Several well know VIP’s and motorcycle legends with the same thought led to a what, how and who conversation as the surf pounded and the afternoon faded.  



A leisurely stroll past the shops and restaurants of this beautiful beach city, the Forest & Ocean Gallery with its huge stone carving of surfers riding large waves was easy to find.  Motorcycles lined the curb and the sidewalk was crowded with guests.  Kenny Roberts Yamaha and Barry Sheene’s Suzuki race bikes were clearly visible through the buildings large windows. Strange large human shaped statues looked over two brand new Indian motorcycles by the front doorway.



Inside the visual treat continued.  Motorcycle pictures lined the walls.  Mixed with the Gallery's normal abstract stonework and art it was an exhibition unlike any other. 



Exiting the Gallery's rear doorway tables, chairs, a stage and two large tents filled the parking lot.  On one side a complimentary bar and large table filled with cheese, fruit and sandwich's and on the other two more new Indian Motorcycles and a giant screen playing the 30th Anniversary special edition DVD of Take It To The Limit.





Peter Starr took the stage.  First the VIP’s to numerous to list were introduced. Then Arlo Guthrie.  A biker himself Arlo supplied music for the film and like all those involved in its production is justifiably proud of the work. Then the last remaining Director of Photography, Mark Zavad and its editor John Bryant joined Peter.  War stories were short and painless as the four relived the glory days when Take It To The Limit was produced.




Congratulation must be given to Peter Starr, Indian Motorcycles of Orange County, the Forest & Ocean Gallery and all those who put together this outrageously cool event.  The setting, the people, the subject.  It was classic.


Last words?  You bet.  If you have not seen Take It To The Limit do yourself a favor and do so.  Its a timeless motion picture that covers speedway, desert racing, road racing, hill climbing, grass track, drag racing, trails, sidecars, dirt track and motocross.  It will bring you 97 minutes of joy and excitement.







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