Hagerty Offers Motorcycle
Evaluation Tools

Words and Photo: John Gunnell

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There's freedom in the ride and now there's a free way to value the motorcycle you ride. Hagerty Classic Insurance ( has introduced Hagerty's Valuation Tools® for motorcycles.

This new “price guide” service from Hagerty is the most comprehensive list of motorcycle values you can find in one place today. It includes pricing and market data for motorcycles built between 1906 and 1996.

Motorcycle enthusiasts, collectors and restorers can use Hagerty Valuation Tools when they are buying or selling a motorcycle or if they just want to see what's happening in the marketplace. They will be able to compare their motorcycle's Guaranteed Value™ with the valuation tool information.

Hagerty's Valuation Tools® for motorcycles can be used to determine the condition of a bike, its value changes over time, histories of different models and more. The include a free Collector Portfolio tool, sock market style pricing indexes and guides to the market values of different motorcycles.

To use the tool you simply enter the brand of your motorcycle, the model and the year it was built and the tool will provide the average price of that bike as well as a chart style history of the value of that particular model and what price it should bring in four different conditions. A description of the four condition classes is also provided. The tool is available by visiting




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