John Force’s collectibles include bikes and “bikes”

Words & Photos: John Gunnell

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During our recent trip to the Performance & Racing Industry (PRI) Show in Indianapolis, we had an opportunity to tour the John Force raceshops in Brownsburg, Ind. Force and his daughters are well-known drag racers and funny car drivers.
Since we all know that “gearheads are gearheads” and that speed freaks ride on both two wheels and four wheels, it wasn’t surprising to find that Force has “bikes” in his personal collection. However, we were a bit surprised to see a bunch of bicycles, too.
KTM identifies primarily as a dirt bike maker in the US market, with the Austrian marque producing a large product lineup of off-road motorcycles, like the SX and XC models. Street bikes models include the 690 supermoto and the high-performance naked Super Duke.  Force has an RXC 620.
Parked nexy=t to a couple of funny cars were a couple of Harleys that Force owns. One is a gray and white Softtail model with red pin striping. It has a matching black saddle and saddle bags trimmed with bright metal studs. The second cruiser is a Harley with a green and white tank lettered up to promote Catrol Motorcycle Lubricants.
Force’s bicycles include a black and white Schwinn Hornet, red and white girls’ and boys’ Western Flyers and a couple of others.  There is also a bike that replicates a motorcycle with Force graphics on it and a chrome yellow scooter type bike.
The bikes are surrounded by a large number of funny cars that Force raced in the pass, plus some nostalgic items such as a blue U.S. Mailbox and a life-sized Ronald MacDonald statue sitting in a bench.
Now that he’s driving for Chevrolet, a Stingray bike would be a logical addition to this totally cool collection of two wheelers.



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