Klock Werks Expands Flare™ Windshield Choices For Gold Wing


Klock Werks patented Flare™ Windshield design features "hips" at the sides that re-route the wind away from you while adding downforce to the front-end of the motorcycle to improve stability, vs. riding with the stock windshield. The flip at the top of the Flare™ redirects air back as clean, less turbulent air for rider and passenger. Based on customer feedback, Klock Werks has now expanded its Honda Flare™ Windshield line to include the new taller vented series, sporty F6B options, and its original Honda Gold Wing Flare™.

"A stock shield simply pushes air. So any air that escapes around it is choppy, turbulent air, that can make your helmet shake, your glasses fly up. Often a rider will think getting a bigger or taller windshield will solve the issues. The answer is how the air is directed, and the shape of our Flare™ re-directs the air,” explains Brian Klock. "Many times, a rider doesn't realize how uncomfortable it is, until they try a Flare™ Windshield. Then they wonder how they ever rode without one!" Besides how well the Flare™ Windshield performs, it looks great too, adding style to the lines of the Honda.

“I’ve ridden over 400,000 miles on my Gold Wing, and the Flare™ is quite possibly the best addition I’ve made to my motorcycle, giving me the greatest results for the least amount of money. Not only do I find my ride more enjoyable and “bobblehead” free, it looks fantastic on my motorcycle. And it works GREAT in the rain!” states Joe Sparrow, #wanderingsparrow, Gold Wing rider that has been putting the Flare™ to the ultimate riding test for a few seasons.

Klock Werks Flare™ Windshield for Honda is made from hard-coated polycarbonate material for lasting durability. The Flare™ is easy to install on Gold Wing and F6B bikes using factory mounting hardware, and still utilizes the stock adjustability of the Gold Wing windshield. Available in different tint, height, and vented or non-vented options, Klock Werks is sure you will find a Flare™ for Honda that suits your specific needs.

"We are excited to expand our Honda Flare™ Windshield choices, and to educate Honda riders about how the Flare™ works. Our original Flare™ design was born on the Bonneville Salt Flats while racing, so we know how much it improves the ride and performance. We carried the design features into the Honda products and as a result we've received positive feedback from Gold Wing and F6B riders that have chosen the Flare™," states Laura Klock, VP and Marketing Director at Klock Werks. "We are pleased to get our “Try It Before You Buy It” Test Ride program launched at Honda dealerships, so more Honda riders can “Understand the Difference” a Flare™ windshield makes in handling and air management. We encourage dealers to contact us, and riders to ask their dealers for a free “Try it Before You Buy It” test ride.

The Flare™ is currently available at, through Parts Unlimited dealers, and at events this summer.








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