Klock Werks Launches “Out of the Vault” Series to Highlight Timeless Customs


While Klock Werks is a company known for innovative aftermarket parts, like the series of windshields, fenders, handlebars and accessories that increase comfort and performance on big V-Twins, the company is even more famous for the custom builds that have come out of its garage and out of the mind of owner Brian Klock. Known for his innovation and creativity, Klock builds one of a kind bikes that have people talking. Looking back at a few of those iconic builds is a treat for readers, and for the builders themselves.

"We decided to feature some of our past custom bikes as part of a series titled ‘Out of the Vault.’ Klock Werks started  out, like many shops do with some guys messing around in a small garage. In this case, it was  Brian Klock and Dan Cheeseman. Living in small town South Dakota meant they worked on anything that came through the door, and they quickly developed a reputation for being very diverse. Klock Werks built some baggers back before baggers were the rage, but there were also some pivotal customs built over the years. Every enthusiast enjoys looking at creative motorcycles, especially ones that stand the test of time. So we decided to pull some photos ‘Out of the Vault,’” explains Laura Klock, Vice President of Klock Werks.

Over the next few months, KlockWerks will be sharing these builds with readers. Enjoy.

robbie buell

The “Root” Buell

M060506_KlockRtBuel_115nThe Root Buell was inspired by customer Robbie Pastor’s love affair with speed.

The build started with a Buell powerplant and a bunch of NHRS service parts to create an 88CI Sportster that rips.

The power plant sits in a Redneck Engineering frame that was heavily dressed out, from the “Spade” Klock Werks Logo gusset, to the stepped rear axle section.

M060506_KlockRtBuel_108nThe front fork is stock Buell, and wheels are from Extreme Machine. The NASCAR inspired exhaust system is a one off from the Klock Werks team.

The Velocity stack is from Kendall Johnson, and Stinger Cycles crafted the fuel tank. Klock Werks created the “Root Beer” oil barrel and stepped front fender. M060506_KlockRtBuel_120n 2



“Root Buell was built specifically for Robbie’s shorter stature and set up for a drag race style posture. Tex McDorman of TexEFX applied the 70’s funny car lettering and paint in House of Kolors Root Beer Kandy. The Root Buell was featured on the cover of Iron Works Magazine back in December of 2006. It has been featured on a few television shows and graced many other publications. The race inspired timeless features of the Root Buell never fail to draw a crowd, even today. With Robbie’s jockey like build it is a sight to see this bike ripping down the street. It’s fast!” commented Klock Werks President and Lead Designer, Brian Klock, with a smirk.

Even as the core focus has shifted from simple beginnings and cool customs into the expansive Klock Werks Brand parts line that exists today, one thing has remained: Dedication to timeless design.




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