Sabertooth Wildcat X Brightens Prona’s SEMA booth 

Words & Photos: John Gunnell

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Prona Tool Co., a maker of pneumatic spray guns, brightened up its exhibit booth at the SEMA Show with an orange and blue Sabertooth® Wildcat X® V-8 powered motorcycle. The big, powerful cruiser style bike brought a lot of spectators into the booth to take a look at it.

Sabertooth Motorcycles started in late 2005 as an effort to add something different to a world of look-alike, feel-alike motorcycles. The company saw a need for a motorcycle of a higher performance level aimed at experienced riders who wanted an exciting road machine.

Sabertooth says, “There is simply nothing to compare with the unforgettable riding sensation of a V-8-powered motorcycle with its pure exhilaration, commanding performance and extraordinary smoothness.”

There was a vacuum in this niche and Sabertooth was formed to build and market bike that paired the enhanced riding experience of a V-8 with a comparable level of quality and stylish looks. The Wildcat X was one of nine models the company started producing in a factory near Minneapolis, Minn.

The other models were called the WildCat®, Midnight WildCat®, WildCat 427®, WildCat 427X®), BobCat®, Lion® and Road Lion®. For the 2010 model year, Sabertooth added the TurboCat®. In 2011, the WildCat® Classic trike was introduced, with the trike line expanded in 2013 to offer WildCat® mR, WildCat® mS and WildCat® mT models as well as the WildCat® eR, WildCat® eS and WildCat® eT. CatRod® and StreetCat® models joined the 2014 lineup.

The bike promoting Prona spray guns at the SEMA Show was the 2016 Wildcat X with a Ford Racing 302-cid 350-hp V-8. It features aluminum GT40 cylinder heads; a Carnivore engine management system with multi-point fuel injection and distributorless ignition; ceramic coated headers and a racing style oval tailpipe; a DynaClaw 2-speed manual transmission with lightweight pull clutch; dual hidden rear shocks; a 73mm inverted front and a 330mm rear tire.



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