Pro Cycle Lift Raised the Bar at 2015 SEMA Show

Words and Photos: John Gunnell

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DCI Southwest Direct-Lift & Garage Outfitters ( raised the bar for motorcycle lifts at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas when it exhibited its Pro Cycle air-operated lift with a price of $645 for the Basic Model. And to be honest, the shiny black powder coated extended length lift didn’t seem very “standard” when you read all of its features and benefits.

Biker Hotline 84 Bike Lift Photo 03The Basic Model can hold big bikes that weigh up to 1,000 lbs. It has an extended length of 93 inches without the company’’s Removable Approach Ramp, which adds another 20 inches. The lift is a full two feet wide, so there’s plenty of room for a kick stand or center stand or to work around a large motorcycle. The ramp surface has a diamond plate surface for better traction.

The Pro Cycle lift can be dropped as low as 7-1/4 inches and can be raised up to 33 inches. Air pressure of 90-100 psi is required to raise it. A foot pedal apparatus connected to the lift via an air hose makes contolling the units simple.

An optional setup combines the Basic Model and a Droptail Feature with a 15-1/2-inch. droptail. This unit retails for just $30 more than the Basic Model. Other accessories for the lift include the BlackJack 1000 jack with adapters ($129), a Chopper Extension ($87) and a Wheel Dolly ($55). For an additional $229 you can order an XLT kit for either the Basic Model or the DropTail Model. This increases the width of the lift to 48 in. and includes the optional wheel dolly.

Installation and assembly costs are additional of course, as are local delivery charges, taxes and freight charges. DCI Southwest Direct-Lift & Garage Outfitters is located in Phoenix, Ariz.


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