Illinois Shop Builds Hot Engine and Custom Bikes

Words & Photos: John Gunnell

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Matt and Bryant Schroeder of Schroeder Performance specialize in high-performance engines.

Schroeder Performance of Grayslake, Ill., is a shop that specializes in building high-performance motorcycle engines including Harley Davidson® Big Twins. Bryant Schroeder owns the shop and works with his son Matt. They focus on adding horsepower to engines, while keeping bikes reliable for daily riding.

BHL53 Shop Photo 02Schroeder does custom-built choppers designed to customer specs. The shop offers a choice of styles and parts, along with technical support. “We can create a unique bike that fits any style of riding, from mild to wild,” Bryant Schroeder told Biker Hotline at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Chicago. Schroeder said he builds personalized custom bikes from the ground up.

In business since 1979, Schroeder, has been heavily involved with racing, and building racing engines and high performance engines. The company also builds racing engines for other two- and four-stroke machines including motocross bikes, ATVs and snowmobiles. Schroeder engines have been winners. “Our engines win prestigious races year after year,” Schroeder said.

BHL53 Shop Photo 03Schroeder Performance also modifies bikes with custom aftermarket accessories including inverted forks, custom rims, belt drives and high-performance clutches. “We’re committed to providing the finest experience in performance motorcycle parts and service,” said Schroeder, “As we continue to grow, we plan to maintain our commitment to quality craftsmanship and service.”

Modifications and engine builds are done strictly on in house and Schroeder Performance turns out one of a kind motorcycles with features that include custom paint, custom fabrication and parts customization.

Schroeder does motorcycle dyno tuning with dyno runs priced from $75 up. “When someone purchases a new motorcycle the engine’s computer is already tuned to work with the components that came with it,” noted Bryant Schroeder. “When we modify or change those factory parts, your engine is not longer optimized, the computer map is no longer calibrated to the components on your bike. You may need a new engine map. This is what dyno testing is all about.”

BHL53 Shop Photo 05Schroeder explained that even a new exhaust system or a high performance air filter could affect an engine’s performance. Tuning can insure that fuel delivery and ignition timing match an engine’s new characteristics.

Schroeder’s cutting edge dyno can measure torque, horsepower, revs and the air/fuel ratio for any motorcycle. Then, Schroeder creates custom air/fuel and ignition maps to match the bike’s engine configuration. “Many aftermarket electronic fuel injection controllers come with a base fuel map for your year, make and model of bike,” Schroeder point out. “But no two engines are alike and power tuning with the engine under load on a dynamometer is the only way to ensure optimum performance. Dyno tuning a motorcycle will offer smother running better roll-on acceleration, more power and additional fuel efficiency.”

Schroeder said the hardest part of running his shop is finding good help because he is fussy about his technicians. He is constantly on the watch for mechanics and fabricators with the talent he needs to maintain his reputation.



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