The Stuart Parr Collect Presents “Art of the Italian Two Wheel”

Photos: Stuart Parr Collection


The Italian motorcycle is iconic for both style and performance. Even when the Italian bikes breakdown with alarming frequency (cough Ducati cough), the sheer, breathtaking beauty of them is undeniable.   This weekend, a new exhibit in New York City will showcase the artistic aspect of building the beautiful bikes thanks to Stuart Parr.

Parr is an architectural designer, artistic manager, curator, producer and modern day renaissance man. The kind of guy who you’d expect to collect expensive, unpredictable European motorcycles.  He’s now sharing these with the public with an exhibit that opens April 18th featuring twenty-six motorcycles from Ducati, MV Augusta, Laverda and Magni.

From the Stuart Parr website:

    “During the 1970s the Italian motorcycle reached its zenith. As the Japanese manufacturers established new mass production standards and the British continued to slide into oblivion, the Italians continued to produce motorcycles that emphasized function over form. Racing was endemic to the Italian culture, and the finest Italian motorcycles of this era evolved from a racing heritage. Stuart Parr’s collection centers on some of the most significant classic Italian motorcycles of the 1970s...”

The bikes are being showcased as much for their craft as their art. They were artisan bikes, hand-built and labor intensive, and the effort put into that is reflected in the care taken of these machines.

To learn more, visit the website: Stuart Parr Collection





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