Gunfighter Saddle is Cool and Comfortable

Words & Photos: John Gunnell

BHL117 Gunfighter 01Ready to ride off into the sunset this summer? Corbin’s new “Gunfighter” motorcycle saddle can add a cool, legendary “Old West” look to the 2017 Victory Octane. The new saddle is comfortable on long trips and looks great when cruising boulevards. Corbin’s use of high-density Comfort Cell foam allows the company to make saddles with a sleek profile that provide a firm, supportive ride.

A lot of thinking goes into these seats. The rider seating position is sculpted ergonomically to fit the curve of a typical body and provide better weight distribution. This also helps eliminate the centralized pressure felt from the stock seat. In the nose area. The saddle is sculpted narrow to allow for ground reach.

BHL117 Gunfighter 02Corbin offers the Gunfighter with a choice of genuine leather seating panels in a wide range of colors and textures. Genuine leather seating is used in all Corbin saddles because it breathes with your body and will conform along with the foam shape during break in. This provides an added bit of luxury on long rides. The side panels feature a coordinating vinyl material that will support the foam shape and keep the saddle looking sharp much longer.

The Gunfighter saddle can be easily installed. It comes with all required brackets mounted on the saddle. The seat is 12.5 in. wide x 13 in. long x 5 in. deep and has an approximate seat height of 28.5 in.

For information visit Corbin’s Website at or call 800-538-7035 Toll Free.




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