Muscle bikes serve as a time
machine to fun

Words & Photos: John Gunnell

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Kids that ride cool bicycles when they are young often mature into owners of cool motorcycles years later. By the same token, a lot of “bikers” are becoming bicycle collectors today. We had a motorcycle club meeting this afternoon and one member said he was collecting old bicycles and needed tires for them.

We told him about the Koolestuff display we had seen recently at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals event in Chicago. What caught our eye there was a cardboard cutout of “Captain Kangeroo” used to promote the sale of Schwinn bicycles back in the ‘70s.

The vintage point-of-purchase display belongs to Gary Wold of Koolestuff, who also sells vintage bicycles and tires for them. Wold grew up in Chicago in the ‘60s. His grandmother worked at Bargain Town USA, which later became Toys R Us. “She provided both my brothers and I with some of the koolest stuff ever made,” says Gary. “From Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars to awesome pedal cars, we enjoyed some of the koolest stuff early in life.”

Wold’s passion for vintage bikes, toys and other items from back in the day prompted him to share vintage items he found with other people. This is what led to the concept of Koolestuff. Today, Wold has over 15 years of successful online selling experience. He operates a large eBay Store with an inventory of hard-to-find items that is constantly changing.

Koolestuff is also a 20-year exhibitor and sponsor of the Ann Arbor Classic Bike Show in Ann Arbor, Mich., as well as several other bike and car shows throughout the year. The company’s “show-within-a-show” exhibit at MCACN is called a Musclebike Show. It featured such bikes as the 1984 Schwinn Sting-Ray, 1965. Schwinn Gee To Tiger, 1955 Schwinn Corvette, 1966 Schwinn Sting-Ray Fastback, 1957 Schwinn Fairlady and 1967 Ross Barracuda.

“Our mission is to help people travel back in time to a fun and simple era with a vintage Schwinn bike, an old pedal car, a classic toy or any other koolestuff,” says Wold. “So, let’s have some fun reliving our childhoods together!



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