Novistretch Has You Covered

Words & Photos: John Gunnell

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BHL116 Novistretch 04We were talking to Andy Holeman about a stretch protective cover he makes for Corvettes, when he mentioned that he just added Harley-Davidson covers to his line. Andy is the senior vice president of an outfit called Novistretch that makes protective covers (or “car bras” if you will) out of stretch fabric.

Andy said the Novistretch started as a family business that took off and grew bigger than he ever expected. The stretch-to-fit protective covers for cars and motorcycles caught on because they are easy to install and easy to store when they’re not on the vehicle.

What Andy calls Performance Protective Covers are designed to provide quality paint protection and are incredibly easy to use. He says the durable, high-quality material used protects painted surfaces from common daily wear. According to Andy, the fabric’s breathable synthetic mesh allows for the greatest surface coverage, without creating operating temperature issues.

BHL116 Novistretch 03Stretchable fabric allows for a tight, secure, contoured fit on a Harley (see photo) and the “Snap & Strap©”Fastening system allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the mask or cover with no cutting, drilling or permanent alteration to the bike being required.

The new motorcycle covers include the Fairing Mask for $109 and Hard Bag Lid Covers for $69. Both products can be used in the rain because the stretch fabric does not trap moisture. They also protect painted surfaces from stone chips. “While it won’t stop a large stone from damaging your vehicle,” Andy pointed out. “It will keep it protected from the everyday bits of debris, road tar, bugs, tree sap and other hazards you encounter with normal daily use.”

Information about NoviStretch products are available at


BHL116 Novistretch 02



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