One Time Customs makes bagger dreams a reality

Words & Photos: John Gunnell

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One Time Customs ( was originally founded in 2013 by Garrett Lewis and David Crabill. The award-winning custom bike shop is located in China Grove, N.C.  2013 was the year that Garrett and David brought their blue “Game Over” bagger bike to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. As you can imagine, it got a lot of admiring looks in “Tinsel Town.”

Game Over was a great example of how good things got after the two men set out to make the baddest ass Baggers around. One of the long, low-slung bike’s most dramatic attributes is a 30-inch clear front wheel built by Mad Wheels. The bike gets a lot of looks with its “spoke-less” appearance.

The shop also carries custom wheels made by Gorby Machine Shop and SMT Machining. Bags, styled dashboards, unique pegs and custom performance exhaust systems are among other parts the shop stocks. Fairings, foot controls, custom crafted tanks and chin spoilers are also on the list.

One Time Customs created a very cool Website to introduce the world to its talent and high-quality craftsmanship. The Website makes it possible to inspect the merchandise the shop has for sale in the comfort of your own home. You will find the prices for each item on the Website, too.

At Daytona Bike Week 2015, One Time Customs won the prestigious “Urban Bagger Of The Year Award.” Everyone is waiting to see if Garrett and David can follow up on that with another creative winner in 2016.

The company’s primary selling point is that it specializes in making enthusiasts’ Bagger dreams come true. Garrett and David carry all the major accessories needed to dress up a bagger like they do at One Time Customs and a number of the parts they sell come right out of their own creative spirits.



One Time Customs 02



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