Second Annual SUMMER DAYZE IV BIKE SHOW, September 7, 2007 in Decatur, Texas

For those of you who have been watching the weather around the country, you’ll remember that our Great Lone Star State of Texas has received more than her share of the precipitation during the last few months. And with our Second Annual SUMMER DAYZE Bike Show coming up on the First Saturday in July, I was plenty concerned about the weather.

Fact is that the Thursday before July 7th which SUMMER DAYZE IV was held, all the local national weathermen predicted 12 more days of “solid rain,” except one. And I decided to put my hope and prayers in that one meteorologist, and say to heck wit the other3! (lolol)

Second “Fact” is that we had a very nice evening for our SUMMER DAYZE IV BIKE SHOW in Decatur, Texas on the Courthouse Square on July7, 2007 with a bunch of Bikes on hand for everyone to enjoy gazing at.

After all was said and done, I counted about 90 Bikes of every shape, form, and fashion that came out and bore the heat/humidity with us all to enjoy the Second Annual such Bike Show in as many years. Lordy was it ever Hott!

We even had a few “Vendors” come out this year to make things a little more interesting. Randy Oerbeck from Azle, Texas was there showing off his superb custom paint abilities. (See Custom Painted Ninja!) And Don Owens drove all the way from Houston, Texas (About 350 miles) to offer Bikers his services in “Accent Lighting” installation. And our friends from North of Wise County, B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) Red River chapter and A.B.A.T.E. folks set up booths as well to get there messages out to the Bikers too.

Everything came off without a hitch, and we raised a pretty decent amount for our friends at Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Center in Decatur, Texas. All the proceeds from our SUMMER DAYZE BIKE SHOWS goes directly into the needy hands of these folks who help and assist unwed mama’s with medical assistance, sonograms, and food/nutrition for the children. And believe it or not, we even had a Wedding take place on the southeast steps of the courthouse during our Bike Show! I truly belieIVe that has to be a first! Something a bit romantical about getting "hitched" during a Bike Show. (lol)

At the end of the evening, Awards given were: TOP TEN AMERICAN BIKES. And those Winners were Don Ogle of Decatur, Sharkey Nelson of Ft. Worth, Dinky Nelson also of Ft. Worth, Preston Taylor, Mario Galindo of Decatur, Robert Stover, Tommy Stewart, Kelly Jackson, James Smith, and Kevin Holder. Nice plaques were given to all these Winners.

In the category of TOP TEN NON AMERICAN entrants, Winners were: Steve Greenfield of Decatur, Max Erwin of Springtown, Craig Lambert, Eddy Wooten, John Claypool, Wayne Aaron, Cliff Lewis, Scott Gates of Wise County, Connie Thompson, and Denise Jones. And TOP FIIVE CUSTOM Winners were: Dale Watts of Decatur, SteIVe Greenfield also of Decatur, Mark Monroe of Ft. Worth (See his baby Blue and Cream Softail pics!), les Gholson (See his FRESH, Black Harley Fat Boy TRIKE!), and Randy Oerbeck from “Gearbox” productions in Azle, Texas.

SUMMER DAYZE IV was a real success for us again this year. and We are getting more and more Bikers driving further distances to come to the "Country" and enjoying the laid back atmosphere of our Bike Shows here in North Texas about 45 miles North of the Metroplex. I was so glad to see such a “Variety” of Customs, Cruisers, Tour Bikes, trikes, and everyday drivers at this past show. Don’t know about you, but I get a little bored with seeing the same ol’ 10-15 Harleys always winning everything. I love VARIETY! In Bikes like about everything else, it is the "Spice of Life!"

One of the main things I want to share with you all is the fact that the Good Lord gave us such a beautiful day to get this all accomplished and put in the books! And that through “Prayer,” shows me that much can be accomplished.. Even the Texas Weather which is as unpredictable as a one-eyed rattler!

Our next SUMMER DAYZE BIKE SHOW is September 15, 2007 at YESTERDAYS TEXAS OLDIES CAFÉ in Bridgeport, Texas. And as always, we are raising money for Wise Choices at that Bike Show too. CYA there too! Check out the Bike Shows here at HRHL Bikes web site or email me at:…Oh ya, and put the First Saturday in July on the Courthouse Square in Wise County down next year as well for the SUMMER DAYZE BIKE SHOW!

Check out our website! Check “EVENTS”

I’d love to see, meet, and greet you personally! Lord Bless, and have a VERY good Week!……Bro Bill “MOE” Moore


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