Greg Antell ~ Williamstown, NJ

Every custom project, whether its a car, truck or bike, starts out the same - with a vision. For Greg Antell, of Williamstown, New Jersey, his 2005 Custom Chopper was the culmination of years of ideas gathered from seeing other bikes across the country.

Having owned a few Harley Davidson motorcycles, he knew that having a bike was imperative. For him, it was a matter of what kind, what style, what size, what color and with what features. After seeing hundreds of styles, he decided to go 100% custom rather than just customizing. Blending in at a bike event was not an option!

For Greg, his 2005 Custom Chopper is the total package. He began the ”build” by deciding to go long and wide. Measuring 10’1” long, it is certainly a monster. With the rake being an incredible 51 degrees, it began to take shape.

Choosing a rear tire that was 300/40/18 by Avon, he emphasized the sleek line he desired. The 113ci engine by S&S allowed for optimum speed and performance, while the 6 speed transmission allowed for comfortable highway cruising at low rpm’s. Because of all the cruising this bike will be doing, an extra-wide gas tank by Independent Gas Tanks proved useful. The fat tire behind the fat gas tank attached to the extra long frame fits the 6’4 250 pound rider perfectly!

The bike wiring and hydraulic lines were routed internally rather than externally for a cleaner and sleeker appearance. Even the taillights are hidden in the passenger foot pegs.

The color speaks for itself. Candy Orange with a custom tribal design further guaranteed the one-of-a-kind status that this bike holds. The colors are vivid enough to catch the attention of just about anyone, while demanding the respect of any true artist. The different attitudes of the bike are visible depending on where the bike is viewed. Outside, under sunlight, the Candy Orange effect is brilliant. While inside, the contrasts are more visible. It appears to take on a chameleon-like appearance.

With 8 full months dedicated to the creation of this bike, along with the equivalent of 8 months salary, it was an all-consuming project. As with any custom project, it was assembled perfectly only to be disassembled for paint, chrome and upholstery only to be reassembled (very carefully) to become the pride and joy and one-of-a-kind chopper that it is today.


HOTRODHOTLINEBIKES.COM would like to thank Greg and Theresa Antell For sending in pictures of this wonderful creation.


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