Riding with Sue in
Yukon, Canada

Come take a ride on perfectly paved roads, Stop for a swim in the passing Lakes, Take a hike or camp in the Mountains, Educate yourself, stop at a historic sites, Try a new cuisin eat at local restaurants,
SHOP, SHOP, SHOP, Enjoy the beautiful wildlife,and
Cruise with little to no traffic at all, its
                      Heaven for bikers.


Sue and her Redheaded Lady ‘06 Honda 750 Shadow

Sue Greetham, age 60, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, career woman (Real Estate Broker, appraiser, Environmental Site Remediation Contractor)

Spent first 50 years in Ontario, discovered ‘Gods Country North of 60’ and with my partner of 35 years relocated residence to the North for adventure.

Having ridden motorbikes and raced cars in my youth, years of business and career made time of the essence, time has again become available and the heart has returned to adventure and free spirit activities.

My husband Stan acquired some friends with biking natures and considered the possibilities with the purchase of a 2006 Harley Davidson Classic ’Dragonfly’ 

The thought was for us to ride together. This being his first and learning experience on a bike for him, he didn’t feel comfortable with the thought of me on the back. I took our daughters Honda 650 Shadow out for a ride and ’Vwallla’ I never lost it. Walked into the dealership and my bike was right there in the show room 3000 km later, the experience continues with nothing but enthusiasm and excitement. We have ridden around our 150km block through the mountains and past the emerald green lakes viewing bears, caribou, Moose and more. We meet friends for breakfast on Sundays and share stories. North of 60 is our first plan of attack and that can take us through Alaska, the Kenai, aboard the Alaska ferry system with stops at dozens of pristine destinations.

In 1964, Sue was part of a racing group in Ontario and she raced at Mosport with Austin Mini’s and in Niagara in customized drag racing, just for fun activities. Many of Sues friends rode bikes and she decided to give it a go. Working in Toronto and spending a lot of time on the expressways and 400 series highway, it soon became evident that riding a small (250) in heavy or downtown traffic was not all Is he thought it might be so......on to the sports cars.........until now!


Stan and His Mean Green Machine ‘06 harley Davidson Classic ‘Dragonfly’ 1400


Yukon White Pass

In the Yukon, Sue and Stan can ride an hour to the Historic Yukon White Pass narrow guage rail route at Carcross. Carcross alone is a town built in 1898-1900 as a supply depot for the Bonanza Gold Rush traffic from the Coat to DawsonCity. They can ride south an hour to the historic town of Atlin BC at the base of the Llewellen Glacier and walk the board walks street of the town of about 400 people. The ride winds it’s way up and over the mountains along side pristine emerald green glacier lakes. They can ride there Sunday mornings to the Casa Loma restaurant, meet up with the Gold Wing club, have breakfast and decise on any of four directions with friendly riders. Stan, Sues husband rides a 2006 Harley Davidson Classic ’Dragonfly’ 1400. Even a ride around there block through the mountains takes about 2 hours on perfect paved roads, Lakes, Mountains, historic sites, trails, restaurants, attractions, etc and little or no traffic. Heaven for bikers.

If you decide to take a trip to the Yukon Here are some Bed and Breakfast to stop on your way and
Go to if you want to take a ride with some friendly locals.

 HotrodHotlineBIKES.Com would like to thank Sue for sending in pictures and letting us take a ride with her in the Yukon. Sue is a very accomplisher Women who knows what she likes, and she likes riding. Well Sue, so do we........Thanks again for the pictures. We hope all our viewers enjoyed these wonderful picture as we did.



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