Ray Alba’s 1996 Heritage Nostalgia. It was my first Harley. I like the lines and the white walls and when I ordered it 8 months prior to receiving it back in 95, I didn't even know what color it was going to be. When I finally received it, I loved the forest green and metallic silver.


   The first thing you do when you buy a Harley is add a couple of chrome pieces and change the exhaust. I loved my bike and the way it looked until the first big run when I noticed it was no different than a couple of hundred or so of the same exact model and color. Well, that's when I decided I needed a new color and a friend of mine who was a painter said that house of kolor had came out with some paint called chameleon. I bought some extra sheet metal and changed my rear fender to a Fatboy rear fender (no big ugly blinkers) and gave it to my buddy for some new paint. I loved it and even changed my rims to AWW 60 spoke with a 16"out back and a 19" out front. I received tons of compliments for the looks. After a couple of years and with the help of an accident I got the motivation to change it again.


   I ended up changing all the sheet metal, front and rear fenders from Russ Wiernemont, and a gas tank from Drag Specialties. I also wanted to change the front end so I bought 6" over and 6 degree raked triple trees from HHI. I also use HHI 4 piston billet caliper for both the front and rear. Since I was changing my forks I had to make sure I got the right trail so I ended up raking my neck on the frame from 32 degrees to 39 giving me a total rake of 45 degrees. While I was at it, I changed my stock primary to roadmax's 3 inch open primary. I exchanged my floor boards to Pro-One forward controls. I like the old school look mostly because of my dad who used to have a chopped 55 Panhead.


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