Hollie’s ‘61 XLCH
“The Seether”

IMG_4275I call this bike “The Seether”. I bought it from an old graybeard named Bones. The day I went to look at it was a crisp Ohio day in February so I guess it was about 30 degrees. I looked it over, and holy crap was it ugly, but I saw it's potential and knew I wanted it. I offered him the full asking price of $2500. He said "don't ya wanna hear it run first?"...and he fired it up. It ran on the first try. Backfired a little and fouled a plug, but I can't tell ya how excited I was that it started right up like that on such a cold morning. My boyfriend brought it home for me the next day while I was at work.

We got it to our shop and immediately started pulling stuff off and replacing it with proper parts. It had an Akront Racing rim on the front and the stock rim and drum on the back but came with the Akront for the back, so that's the first thing we switched. We put 2 new Cheng Shen tires on. We replaced the big ugly FLH fender that was wedged on it with a stock fender from J&P Cycles. We replaced the worn out shocks with Paughco struts, and the straight drag bars were replaced with a set of z bars (that also came with the bike). My boyfriend replaced the rocker box gasket and the push rod tube O rings, and the throttle and idle cables. And with that, I was on the road. The bike ran great from the word go.

After having several folks look at it and much discussion, this is what we know about the motor. The guy that sold it to us told us that it had once been used for drag racing. It has plates welded onto the swingarm for attaching a wheelie bar, and holes drilled in the rear rim indicating it used to wear slicks. It has a '61 XLCH bottom end with a '70-something 1000 cc top end. It has a '67 or later left side case half with electric start. (We've got the kicker fixed...so we think...but have never tried to kick start it.) The bike has an S&S Super E carb. We're assuming it has Sifton cams...can't wait to crack into the motor this winter and see for sure. It has a Trock Cycles transmission trap door. The frame is a 70's era stock H.D. frame with an early 60's front end. The West Eagle solo seat and the bates style headlight were taken from my '57 BSA...that now sits gathering dust.

Hollie_paint_2The paint was done by yours truly...my first attempt at painting a bike. I took inspiration from the old school styles of the 70's and French Kiss Customs. I used lace bought at the fabric store, plastic lining tape, and spraybomb paints. My boyfriend did the body work...and man was there plenty to do...he did great. I used red and orange candy duplicolor metalcast paint, and herbal mist krylon spray paint to get it to look like it does. I found a new passion in painting bikes. I've since done one tank for a friend and can't wait to do the tins on the BSI.









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