3 D Customs is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and we look forward to the next big leap in the custom Industry. For information call us at 440-951-5253 or visit our website at

tubing with 3d flames

Tubing with 3D Flames

Revolutionary Design To Take The Customizing Industry By Storm!

Who, what, when, and why:
* 3D Customs, a relatively new company, came up from the roots of the surf industry in the last 20 years
* Steve Parker (owner) has used his trade to make way for the Future of Custom.
* The concept is any 3 dimensional design for the enthusiast that needs to stand out from the crowd.         Someone who takes pride in having the latest, greatest for their bike. Think Air Brushing that you can feel   the details.
* We originally carved simple designs, but have started carving very complex, very detailed work.
* We started customizing bikes 4 years ago by putting 3D flames on a fender we were repairing for a friend after an accident.
* We do it for the love of the unique. We take great pride in doing something very non-main stream, very detailed designs that are not available on the market today.

At 3 D Customs our Modo is “If It’s Not Almost Impossible- It’s Not Custom”.

We can 3D any part of your bike, the frame, the tank, any fairings (plastic or metal), fenders, wind screens, we can make custom dash boards for your interment panel, do custom light applications, and we can even chrome our 3D. We are even working on 3D exhaust pipes, completely chromeable. Our 3D is no stick on decal that can be scratched off or fade. You could hit our graphics with a hammer(and we have) with the force that would most certainly dent any metal part on your bike, and do no damage to the graphic detail.

3D Customs vision is to open every ones eyes to our vision of the next step in complete customization. 3 Dimension! Below are a few examples of our work, visit our website for more

3D FLAME GASTANK cleared white backdrop 001

3D Flame Gas tank

3D skull gas tank repainted

3D Skull Gas Tank Repainted

Finished sand & finished primer 004

Finished sand & finished primer

Finished sand & finished primer 005 Croped

Finished sand & finished primer

Harley SKull fender top view

Harley Skull fender top view

Juan part 003_jpg RS_jpg rs 2

Juan part

Pictures for American Cycle Mag_ 072


Rosser's Chopper without model 062

Rosser's Chopper without model

Rosser's Chopper without model 064

Rosser's Chopper without model

Rosser's Chopper without model 065

Rosser's Chopper without model

Rosser's Chopper without model 072

Rosser's Chopper without model

Rosser's Chopper without model 077

Rosser's Chopper without model

blade in primer

Blade in primer

chromed sample of our 3D

Chromed sample of our 3D

looks pretty good with a lower jaw so he could chew

Looks pretty good with a lower jaw so he could chew

shark with finished gun 012_jpg R SIZED 1

Shark with finished gun

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