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There are as many different types of motorcycle businesses as there are bikers. Chariots of Fire Customs, LLC knows how important it is to have your ride running when those perfect ride days come around. While big dealerships are often owned by businessmen, we're a step ahead...we don't just work on bikes and sell some really cool stuff, we ride them too!

We've been open since March of '05 and are quite proud of a few things. Our turn around time on service is a fraction of the time our competitors promise. Our attention to our customers is far more personalized. We've got the best prices on Leather around! We have access to literally thousands of parts and accessories...and...we'll happily help you track down exactly what you want or need at the best price possible.

So, wanna know about us? We could go on and on about how we're privately owned, offer great service and deals, and how there's over 27 plus years of mechanical skills and knowlege behind the shop door, but don't just take our word for it.....stop by and see for yourself. Chariots of Fire Customs LLC is a little shop with big dreams. Jan Knobbe opened Chariots of Fire in March of 2005 and has been growing steady ever since.Their staff consists of 4 full time employees and 1 apprentice.Jan and his wife Reine <she runs the business end of things> are very proud of their shop and it’s attention to detail and customer service. They have 4 custom motorcycles they have created and designed from the ground up along with countless modifications to their customers rides. Jan has 30 years experience in motorcycle and automotive repair work. Chariots of Fire can fix up your existing bike with all the custom parts you like, do repair work, or build you that one of a knid. In addition, they have access to literally thousands of parts an accessories to maintain your ride and are also dealers for a host of venders, such as, Drag Specialties, Kuryakan, Mustang Seats, Barney’s Leather, Bassini Pipes Paul Yaffee Originals, Power Commander, Kraft Tech., Midwest Motorcycle Supply, and the list goes on. They can also order any Harley Davidson part you may need. The shop is located in Moscow Mills Missouri 141 Moscow Springs Plaza. Dennis Martin from www.thunderroadsmo.com has done a wonderful story on Chariots of Fire, click on the link to read more about Jan & Reine and their shop.
The riding season is quickly approaching so stop by and see us and check out some of the best looking apparel in town. Located at 141 Moscow Springs Plaza. Call us at (636)-356-9015.

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The following article appeared in the May 2007 issue of The Biking Life

By Justin Mueller

I believe that most all of us who ride have a dream bike. You know the one you build over and over in your head. Adding chrome, changing paint colors and paint schemes, a new set of tins, a monster engine and the list goes on. Well I had the opportunity to make my dream a reality with the craftsmanship of a great mechanic, Jan Knobbe, of Chariots of Fire Customs LLC, and an awesome painter, Doug Heflin, of Doug’s Custom Paint & Restoration.

The custom 2001 Iron Horse Classic I bought is no longer. I am now the proud owner of an Iron Horse custom Sled that took second place in the February Wide Open Motorcycle Show Production Custom class. We took the front forks and changed them out to an American Suspension 45 mm, inverted forks with a 6 degree rake in the triple trees. The bike was lowered two inches with lowering shocks and the rear tire was changed from a 160 to a 200 tire. A belt to chain conversion kit was suggested by Jan so the bike can handle the raw horsepower and punishment Jan accuses me of putting on my engine. Bone crusher pipes blow blue flames at night! As Jan puts it, “It’s all about the comin’ and the goin’ for Justin!” The clutch was also beefed up.
The sheet metal was also modified and switched out. Paul Yaffee front and rear fenders were bought and then modified. The front fender was simply raised in the center. The back fender was sliced in the center removing two inches and a raised panel was inserted along with a raised panel added to the bottom. The front of the rear fender was also dished out to allow for a custom alligator seat made by Gary Tyler of Chopper Chairs. But wait, I’m not done. The rear fender was also modified on the side to accept a one-off sissy bar. The original tank was modified by welding the tanks together and placing a raised section where the old speedo used to be. I bought Independent Cycle handle bars and we cut and lowered them 5 inches to follow the streamline of the bike. A new Dakota speedo was mounted under the handle bars. New Paul Yaffee grips and pegs finish off the look.

I had all kinds of wild ideas about the paint and Doug helped me narrow it down. The paint scheme had to match the overall look of the bike so we went with a subtle look rather than a loud, wild paint scheme. Doug sprayed a chameleon snake skin pattern on the raised sections, followed by a rattle snake root beer color over the entire bike. Finshed up with very tasteful green and gold pin striping.

A project like this can’t be rushed. Jan, Doug, and I spent many hours pouring over ideas. As parts came in and the overall look of the bike came together, we all came to an agreement of how the bike should flow together. Patience is key in a project like this. The over all experience working with Jan Knobbe of Chariots of Fire and Doug Heflin of Doug’s Custom Paint was phenomenal. Anyone interested in attempting a project of this magnitude should absolutely contact Jan and Doug to assure your dream becomes a reality.

Chariots of Fire Customs LLC is not just another motorcycle shop owned by big business and ran by others. We are a family owned business with friendly staff to assist your individual needs. If you’re tire of being treated like just another customer, stop by and check us out in person or our web site www.chariotsoffirecustoms.com.

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