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Guy Mobbley Owner
924 Fir Ave Reedsport OR 97467

 I started working for Sherms Cycle Products in 1998. I was hired to expand the shops product line, and innovate motorcycle systems. My title at that time was research and development technician (R+D tech). Our shop at that time specialized in Metric and domestic V-twins. We main lined aftermarket air kits and fuel controllers for fuel injected bikes. One of my important duties was to tech out customer installs of our products and troubleshoot customer technical problems. I also provided our customers with advice and I gave them their options. This business grew very fast and we worked with other major players such as: Dobeck performance, D+M, Wimmer. We also tested products for other companies such as: Kuryakyn, Hypertech, we gave technical support to Roadhouse Brand, and helped other businesses get started that are now in competition with us. In 2002 we started a racing program to develop products. We very soon started dealing with companies like Motorcycle USA that did numerous articles regarding our racing achievements. In February of 2005 the owner of Sherms sold the business out of state. I continued to give tech support and advice to the new owners. The new owners were not prepared for this type of business and what it involved. They offered the business to me and I purchased Sherms Cycle Products in December 2005, moving it back to Oregon. We are in the process of expanding the business this year and expect to be back in the motorcycle mainstream.

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As Guy says, SCP is a small shop with a big reputation!! SCP is holder of 5 Bonneville Salt Flat motorcycle land speed records! We will be featuring Guy and his racers on our builder profile page very soon so keep an eye out for it. We will showcase some of their first place show winners and some of their race bikes.

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