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BAM Ink - Rick Bedford

complete body kits

Rick Bedford of BAM Ink builds complete body kits for all V-Twin bikes as well as Metric body kits. His patent pending designs have been huge and he has been receiving great reviews. He recently got a dealer to sell his designs, which will be Limited Edition. His current (and first) dealer is located in one of the riches countries in the world - Dubai. There is going to be media showcasing the rags to riches story from Rick’s shop to Dubai. He describes himself as “the little guy with a great design and a beautiful look.” He currently has 4 different body designs from ProStreet to Bagger; Bobber Retro to Long Fender. All complete bodies are interchangeable on one frame. Check out the pictures of his amazing kits...and watch for more great things to come from BAM Ink.

current. build 079
current. build 082
current. build 168
current. build 296

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